Tule Reed Canoe

Today is September 25th, California Native America Day! To celebrate we premiere a new Culture Stories short featuring Fernandeño Tataviam and Chumash elder Alan Salazar making a traditional Tule Reed Canoe with host Alyssa London (Tlingit & Haida). This video aims to recognize California’s Original People. Alan who devotes his life to telling stories, preserving […]

Welcome, Welcome, Everyone – Chumash Clapper Stick Song

Welcome, Welcome, Everyone! A song by Chumash Medicine Man Grandfather Semu Huaute, taught to us by Alan Salazar. This webisode is an excerpt from our visit with Fernandeño Tataviam and Chumash elder, Alan Salazar. It is the first of several fun and educational segments that we captured with him. Culture Stories airs nationally on First […]

Crow Fair 2018

Take a trip with Alyssa London​ as she explores the culture of the Crow Nation at their Centennial Crow Fair 2018. In this episode you’ll hear from Crow Nation Chairman AJ and First Lady Deneen NotAfraid as they share the significance of Crow Fair and their tribe’s customs. You’ll also see exciting dancing, beautiful regalia, […]