Allure: Quannah Chasinghorse Has Made Her Mark

Native American model, Quannah Chasinghorse, blends her heritage and fashion with bold patterns, bright colors, and intricate beadwork. Raised in Alaska and Montana, her unique sense of style incorporates deeply held traditions. She uses her platform as a model to bring attention to Indigenous rights and promote positive representation of Native American culture in the fashion industry. Chasinghorse’s commitment has earned her fans and recognition as a trailblazer in the fashion world.

Western Navajo Fair 2018

Alyssa London talking with Navajo President Russell Begaye

This episode gives you a sense of the food, faith, and fashion on the Navajo people. It takes place at the Western Navajo Fair in Tuba City, Arizona.

Travel Alaska

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Exploring Your Cultural Identity With Art

‍Whether it’s creating art or appreciating the art of others, it’s a great way to connect with your heritage and express yourself. Art can be a powerful tool for exploring your cultural identity, and it can be a fun and creative way to connect with your roots. Whether you’re looking to explore your own cultural […]

Exploring Your Cultural Identity With Fashion

Fashion can be a powerful tool for self-expression and exploration of cultural identity. It allows us to showcase our heritage, values, and beliefs through the clothes we choose to wear. In today’s world, where diversity and inclusivity are becoming increasingly important, it’s more important than ever to embrace and celebrate our cultural identities through fashion. […]

Exploring Your Cultural Identity With Food

Food is an essential element of culture and can bring people together. Your family might pass down special recipes that they make on special occasions. Each dish has a unique story behind it. Food might be tied to holidays or other important times. When we eat, food becomes part of us; it also becomes a […]

Exploring Your Cultural Identity With Faith

Many people find faith integral to be an integral part of their identity. Even non-religious individuals are surrounded by the influence of religion in society. A growing number of individuals identify themselves as spiritual but not religious. Regardless of your degree of spirituality or religious affiliation/disaffiliation, there are some good tips for learning how faith […]

Pope Francis’s Apology

A photo of Pope Francis

The catholic church has played a major role in the pain and suffering of Indigenous people. The boarding school era was meant to erase Indigenous culture from the minds of Native children and they almost succeeded. That is why Indigenous people’s languages are under threat of extinction and that there are so many cultural programs […]

How to Discover Your Culture Story With Your Family

Everyone has a unique culture that defines who they are as a person. Your culture helps you understand your traditions and explains why you do what you do every day. It’s important to you, and it can bring your family together like never before. Discovering and exploring your own culture is an exciting process that […]

Indigenous Place Names Movement

The Indigenous Place Names Movement is an effort to create a city that honors the Indigenous Place in order to reclaim the identity and heritage of the first peoples of these lands. The intention of this project is to inspire indigenous place renaming throughout the state of Alaska and around the world. In this episode […]