Culture Story

Mission + Vision

Culture Story is a media platform and content creation brand focused on educating our audience about unique cultures around the world.

Our mission is to celebrate and showcase unique cultures and increase awareness and acceptance of diversity worldwide.

Current Projects

Culture Stories

Watch our series about the vitality of indigenous cultures today. It is broadcast Nationally on FNX, and available online through webisodes.

Alyssa London Speaking on-camera

Journey of the Freckled Indian Book

Learn more about our first book. Sign up to get updates on the book release.

Journey of the Freckled Indian Book

Culture Dolls

We are addressing the lack of diversity in the doll market. Meet Freckles, our first doll, and learn about the vision.

Culture Doll-Freckles-Turnaround

Our Culture Story podcast

Through this podcast, we focus on comprehending race and ethnicity and how this constructs life as we know it in modern society.


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