Exploring Your Cultural Identity With Fashion

Fashion is a huge part of our culture and it helps contribute to our cultural identity. It can be something as simple as the clothes we wear or the way we wear our hair. For example, regalia is worn by many cultures during ceremonies or special occasions. Kilts are also a form of traditional dress that is worn in Scotland. The Yarmulke is a type of head covering that is worn by Jewish men. The Hijab is a headscarf that is worn by Muslim women. All of these examples show how clothing can have social or religious significance.

Here are some ideas for deepening your understanding of your cultural identity through fashion:

1. Research the traditional clothing of your culture.

If you don’t know where to start, ask a family member, friend, community group, or look online. When are special items of clothing worn? Clothing can be rich with symbolism. What do the special clothes in your culture mean? How have styles changed and why? How does it make you feel when wear clothing from your culture?