Culture Story is a media and education company that tells stories about cultures and amplifies conversations about identity. In doing so, we strive to create equality, acceptance, and understanding between people of different cultures and backgrounds.

We specifically focus on showcasing the vitality and contemporary aspects of indigenous cultures to show who we are now, where we come from, and where we are headed as peoples.

Message from our Founder, Alyssa London

We need a broader representation of Indigenous people across all digital platforms including increasing representation opportunities in media and television. I initially realized the positive impact of showcasing the beauty and vitality of my Indigenous heritage while competing at Miss USA as Miss Alaska USA 2017. When the Killerwhale Tlingit Heritage gown that I wore went viral on social media, I knew I needed to continue finding a way to shine a contemporary light on who we are today as a people.

Given the need for this content, I have garnered the support of key partners and sponsors to make the Culture Stories series a reality.

Read more about our partners on our Sponsorships and partnerships page.

To learn more about our founder, Alyssa London, visit alyssalondon.com.

Alyssa London

Our Advisory Board

Rosita Worl, Advisor

Tlingit & Filipino

  • President of Sealaska Heritage Institute
  • Cultural Preservationist

Frank Blanquet, Advisor

Maya & Portugese

  • FNX Founder, and Producer

Logan Lynn, Advisor

  • Director, Portugal the Man Foundation

Megan Alvanna-Stimpfle, Advisor


  • Program Manager for Culture Stories
  • Policy Expert
  • Proud Nome resident

Megan Cacciola, Program Manager

  • Alaska Humanities Forum program manager for Culture Stories