Tule Reed Canoe

Today is September 25th, California Native America Day!

To celebrate we premiere a new Culture Stories short featuring Fernandeño Tataviam and Chumash elder Alan Salazar making a traditional Tule Reed Canoe with host Alyssa London (Tlingit & Haida).

This video aims to recognize California’s Original People. Alan who devotes his life to telling stories, preserving the traditions of his communities is a wonderful person to feature in honor of this day!

Watch the video until the end to see if the model canoe 🛶 they make stays afloat in the pond 😃.

More information about Alan Salazar at www.MyNativeStories.com.

Culture Stories is produced by Culture Story and FNX | First Nations Experience. More information at www.fnx.org and at www.culturestory.co.