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Who We Are:

Culture Story is a media and education company telling stories about cultures. We specifically focus on showcasing the vitality of indigenous cultures to show who we are and where we come from, as well as where we are headed as peoples.

Native people’s stories are very similar to stories of minority communities around the USA and around the world. By telling indigenous stories, we are telling stories of rural America, Black America, mixed-race identities, and origin stories of the countries and lands whose names we know by other labels today.

Alyssa London with Crow Nation President and First Lady
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Culture Story Team

Alyssa London - Culture Story host and producer
Alyssa London
Founder & CEO

Alyssa London is an Alaska Native Tlingit, which is a tribe from Southeast Alaska. She also has Czech and Norwegian heritage from her mother’s side. Her mixed ancestry is why she is fascinated with cultures and the concept of identity.

Frank Blanquet- Producer
Frank Blanquet
Advisor of Culture Stories Episodes

Frank Blanquet is Yucatec Maya born and raised in Hollywood California. An accomplished and award-winning writer, producer and director, he began his career in film as a cinematographer and editor of street style skateboarding videos. Blanquet graduated from Video Symphony the Hollywood Institute with a focus on post production and transitioned to documentary filmmaking soon after. His documentary film work began with a focus of historical accounts from an Indigenous perspective, giving direct voices to tribal communities and preserving the voices of elders for future generations.


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