Culture Stories

Our Why

We do this work because we are passionate about cultural preservation and sharing the present-day vitality and vibrancy of Indigenous peoples worldwide. It is important that Native people have a platform for their stories to feel represented and included in mainstream media. We are also aiming to educate Native and non-Native communities about cultures outside of their own. Throughout the interviews and experiences the question of, “What’s Your Culture Story,” will be asked and explored.

We want to provide the opportunity for non-Native people to authentically learn about the roots of this Nation by learning from the original stewards of our lands and cultures. Culture Story strives to communicate to viewers Native people’s strength, resilience, and present-day vitality. Non-Native people will have the opportunity to see Native people’s stories and realize they are their neighbors, teachers, students, peers, colleagues, and friends.

Culture Story has chosen the art of cinematography as a medium for viewers to be directly embedded in the stories and to live the Indigenous experiences firsthand. Beautifully captured video imagery will enlighten and educate the viewers about the evolving and beautiful Native cultures that make up Alaska through sight, sound, and information.

Alyssa London

Problem We Are Solving

As Indigenous People we rarely ourselves in digital media or on television, let alone have the opportunity to tell our own stories.

In fact, according to the research organization, Illuminative, only 0.4% of primetime television and contemporary films include Native American people and 87% of state-level history standards fail to cover Native people’s history in a post-1900 context. There is an interest to learn about our communities as 78% of Americans want to learn more about Native people’s histories, cultures, and contemporary stories.


Culture Story’s first series, “Culture Stories,” is a new media project created to meet the need to change the way stories are told about Indigenous peoples and communities so they are shown in a positive and contemporary way.


  • Creating full-length episodes and web-episodes about the vitality of Alaska Native cultures.
  • Episodes will focus on the themes of food, faith, family, fashion, and the arts in a contemporary context.
  • Depict who Native Alaskans are today while touching on where they have come from as a people and where they are headed in the future.


  • To increase the representation of Alaska Native people in mainstream media.
  • To create stories that shine a positive light and tells a contemporary story about Alaska Native communities.
  • To educate people unfamiliar with the Alaska Native community about who we are today, and about the continued relevance of our values and way of life.
  • To increase interest in cultural tourism and Native arts.
  • To help Alaska Native people feel proud of their identity and the rich heritage they uphold and steward.


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